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August 9, 2010, 4:29 pm
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This is the OLD Chicks Climbing blog – we have a NEW and dynamic Chicks Climbing blog we update on a regular basis HERE at Chicks Climbing!

Check it out and update your bookmarks!


Rock and Ice covers Chicks with Picks

Rock and Ice had some great things to say about this years clinics.

To hear more, check out the article from Rock and Ice.

Day 3 Red Rocks
October 5, 2009, 6:34 pm
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Oh boy what a night – wind gusts up to 77 miles an hour at camp. In the moonlight, it looked like a refugee camp with flattened tents and people fleeing to their cars for shelter. I don’t think any of us slept. OK, maybe a little but it didn’t let up all night.

Dawn huddling with the Jetboils in the wind

Dawn huddling with the Jetboils in the wind

In the morning, the Girly Guides huddled in Mattie’s car to make a plan….wind still howling. Our top priority was coffee, so we pulled the cars in close to the outhouse and brewed up in Dawn’s van while the breakfast buffet was set up in the outhouse overhang. Nice. We got it done and everyone remained cheerful despite that constant pounding of nature’s most amazing force.  It was sort of a spa day with the added bonus of the exfoliation of our skin.

Mattie teaching at the gym

Mattie teaching at the gym

We decided that a great back up plan was climbing at Red Rock Climbing Gym instead of battling the wind since it was forecasted to last the entire day.  The women were relieved to seek refuge and had a really productive day working on a variety of skills; including how to recognize the characteristics of safe anchors, building multi-pitch anchors, mulit-pitch rope management and transitions, lowering techniques and movement skills such as shoulder rolls and covering steep terrain efficiently.  If you didn’t know better, it looked as if we planned it this way. The women took away a lot from this session at the gym.

Carrie Cowan

Carrie Cowan

Our wrap up meeting took place in the bouldering room sitting on comfy mats giving the gals their certificates of completion and listening to what they are taking away from the experience.  It was unanimous that Chicks Rock! went far beyond climbing itself and simply became a vehicle for camaraderie, support and digging a little deeper than each of them knew they could. Just that knowledge is useful in life….to push beyond perceived limitations and explore our internal resources. Plus, they learned a lot of hard skills and explored how to move their body in new creative ways.

Our Girly Group!

Our Girly Group!

Three days goes really fast and I am always grateful that the women gain so much from climbing and learning from women. Our Girly Guides are top notch instructors and are perhaps, the best reason for being here! The gals dispired and two will stay on to take advantage of our Multi-Pitch day with Dawn Glanc. The rest of us will clean up and load the cars. End of a successful first clinic at Red Rocks!

Day 2 Red Rocks
October 4, 2009, 7:43 pm
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Learning to heel hook

Learning to heel hook

What a beautiful day at Calico Basin, land of poka dotted rocks. The Girly Guides set up a variety of climbs – jam cracks, chimneys, face climbing, over hangs and great heal hooking. It was like the poo-poo platter of rock climbing and the girls got a taste of a variety of difficulties and techniques. It was perfect.

The Classroom

The Classroom

Today offered the opportunity to really work the routes, watch and support each other, then try again. The gals got back on each route and really worked their new movement skills – it was great to see their improvement and increased body awareness.

After a full day everyone dispirsed for showers, beers and their computers. We met at BJ’s Brew Pub for a lively dinner. End of the day.

The Group Climbing at Calico Basin

The Group Climbing at Calico Basin

Chicks Rock! Video
October 4, 2009, 12:53 am
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Thank you to our Girly Guide, Angela Hawse, for this great U Tube video of Chicks Rock! It’s super fun and inspiring. Don’t miss it!

Day 1 Red Rocks
October 3, 2009, 6:07 pm
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Jetboil Bar

Jetboil Coffee Bar

The perfect day at Chicks Rock! starts with a desert sunrise,  the sound  of Jetboil stoves humming and coffee dripping into my cup. Slowly, the girls emerge from their tents and trickle to the coffee bar and help themselves to the breakfast buffet. Life is good.  A flurry of making lunch and packing for the day follows…these girls are eager and are on the road by 8:00 AM!


Cat Holman

Day One on the rocks took place at the Panty Wall with basic instruction, review, movement skills, climbing, rappelling and cleaning anchors. There is a lot to pack into three days of climbing clinics as we want these girls to leave with the skills needed to do this sport on their own. The Girly Guides are awesome at imparting their depth of skill and wisdom with the clients. I think brains were over flowing by the end of the day. Perfect.

Cocktail hour

Cocktail hour

Quitting time happened around 4:00 PM with plenty of time to shower, hang out drink a beer or practice a Karaoke number before dinner. The Girly Guides and I opted for the later with lead singer, Dawn Glanc, bellowing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” across the desert with Mattie & I doing our “ooh, ooh” in the background. We are ready!

Karaoke night

Dawn belts R-E-S-P-E-C-T with her back up singers

Ok perhaps the highlight of the day was not climbing itself, but rather, the retro Bonnie Springs Restaurant that felt like the Twilight Zone complete with Karaoke and a few very serious locals taking turns. A few burgers, fish and chips, BBQ chicken’s later – it was our turn to sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T (be sure to keep our day jobs!)  and a group number of Mercedes Benz by Janice Joplin. I’m sure they are still talking about the twelve women who dazzled the crowd with our talent. Not!

Ok, we laid it down around 10:30 PM for the end of a nearly perfect day. One down, two to go!

Getting ready to Rock!

Pre-Clinic getting readiness…..


Hitting the road to Red Rocks

It’s a long drive from Ridgway to Las Vegas but with good music and the anticipation of our first Chicks Rock! program in Red Rocks, I’m stoked! There is nothing like the desert in October as the cool wind starts to bring the first winter snow to the San Juan mountains where i live. I arrived several days early to scope out where everything is….important things like free WiFi, good coffee, UPS, showers, rock sites, grocery stores and hot spots for evening entertainment.

Girly Guides

Kim, Dawn and Mattie

Girly Guide, Mattie Sheaffor, drove from Jackson Hole and Dawn Glanc did some crazy cross country affair from South Dakota to get here to lead our pack of eight guests.  Our participants are half Chicks with Picks alumni and half new to this Chick stuff. They traveled from Boston, Tennessee, New Mexico,  Phoenix, Chicago and Colorado to get on this desert rock. Anne Hughes flew from Madison WI to be my base camp manager, photographer and tecnical advisor….new title “Head Chick’s personal assistant”, she’s invaluable.


The Girly Guides see the light!

Yesterday we checked out the climbing areas and made decisions where we would take these girls to climb…so many great choices. We showered, grocery shopped and got ready to rock cause that’s what we do. Our participants arrived in the late afternoon, set up camp their tents supplied by Marmot and got settled in. We started the clinic with our traditional opening circle of introductions and find out what everyone wants to get out of this experience. It usually sounds something like this “I want to be able to do this on my own”, “I love climbing with the girls”,  “I want to learn from these amazing Girly Guides”, “My boyfriend is mean” or “I want to try something new in a safe and supportive environment.” Yup all that and more!


Opening circle and introductions

After intros, we hit the town for pizza – a short drive from camp and a great place to charge our computers and tend to technology after dinner. Yup, I’m trying to keep up on this social media stuff. Ok, I’m headed out to join the girls at The Panty Wall.